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Life Chronicles

Joe and Leigh Wengler

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Leigh Wengler was just 43 years old when she died of cancer in July 2007. She left behind a husband Joe and two children Lucas and Ellie.

But Leigh also left an hour-long DVD of her reflections on her life. It was filmed just a week before she died.

The film was shot by a US based non-profit organisation Life Chronicles, which has made over 600 such recordings.

Leigh Wengler and her son

Leigh Wengler and her son

Not all have been for the terminally ill, some recordings have been been made by people in the early stages of Alzheimers disease and US soldiers going off to Iraq and Afghanistan.

When Leigh's husband Joe and Kate Carter, the founder of Life Chronicles, came into the Outlook studio, they talked about why Leigh had decided to record her thoughts on life and death.

Leigh Wengler and her daughter

Leigh Wengler and her daughter

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