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Rebranding Nigeria

Nigeria's currency, the Naira

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Can the home of 419 internet scams, corruption and voodoo ever transmit a positive image?

Nigeria is campaigning for a new image and a new reputation in an effort to attract some much needed investment.

Reporter Henry Bonsu follows the many steps of this charm offensive.

First there is a need to gain public support by showing that those in power are listening. People such as Lagos' Governor Fashola, known locally as "Nigeria's Obama", a man who is planning a sustainable capital city 25 years into the future. Changes he has made have already been felt across the city: infrastructure has been improved, abandonned schools and hospitals are being reopened.

But for those on the poverty line, the changes cannot come quickly enough.

Plus, it's not just money or initiatives that are needed, but long term stability - only then will confidence in business follow.

First broadcast on BBC World Service on 28 October, 2009.

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  • How successful will Nigeria's campaign be?


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