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Internet Cafe Hobo

Nick Baker begins his journey

Internet cafes are like human truckstops for the world's online traffic - serving those a long way from home.

Some people plan their journeys from place to place with precise detail. But Nick Baker is leaving it all to chance, using the stories he finds from the people in internet cafes to guide him to the next stop.

It is a journey that connects people, stories and places.

Nick begins his journey in London, at the geographically "first" internet cafe in the world - zero longitude in Greenwich. He will talk to people there and find a story to follow up.

He goes to New York, talks to some people in a Greenwich Village cafe and is serendipidously taken to Kuming in China...

An internet cafe sign

It is the 15th anniversary of the internet cafe this year - but as more people communicate on personal devices, is the internet cafe an institution that will last?

Nick Baker's journey will find out.

For ten days or more, before he sets off, Nick is enlisting the help of you the BBC World Service audience on air and online - finding stories of local internet cafes from listeners and web users. If it's on his way, he might drop in.

Where should Nick go next?

If you have an idea, let us know by email at click or you'll be able to contact Nick via his blog and Twitter feed, and as he travels he'll be using these to stay in touch.

Nick's also interested in unusual internet cafes and noteworthy or dramatic or funny things that have happened in them.

Later in the year, two documentaries will bring together the stories of the people on the journey, to be broadcast on BBC World Service. Take part and there's a chance you could be in the programmes.

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