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26/07/2009 - The Forum

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Meet the guests

American astronomer Andrea Ghez explains how seeing through the blur of earth’s atmosphere enabled her to discover evidence for a gigantic, or super massive, black hole right at the centre of our galaxy. She suggests there are super massive black holes at the centre of all galaxies and that they came into being at the same time as the galaxies themselves.

South African economist Ian Goldin is now a futurologist tasked with foreseeing and averting the dangers we face here on earth. He believes we need new research and new ways of thinking because while the future is always difficult to imagine, levels of uncertainty have never been higher.

International cyberspace expert from Belarus, Evgeny Morozov, warns that it is naïve to assume that the internet will export free speech and spread democratic values around the world. He says that the global diffusion of the internet has presented authoritarianism with opportunity as well as challenge.

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