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5/07/2009 - The Forum

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Meet the guests

Professor of physics and Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek tells us why most of the mass around us is composed of empty space... only the empty space is not so empty. Space is actually seething with spontaneous activity, a kind of effervescence, which we may not be able to see with our eyes but which we can measure with modern scientific instruments.

Indian writer and activist Arundhati Roy argues that, despite the pomp surrounding recent elections in India, ballot-box democracy only brings benefits to the middle and upper classes and not to the vast masses of the poor as they are not adequately represented in its increasingly expensive mainstream politics.

Susan Neiman
, philosopher and director of the Einstein Forum in Berlin, calls for a new Enlightenment based on four virtues - happiness, reason, reverence and hope - in a quest to revive our understanding of moral values and make us happier people.

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