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The Americas

Farm Swap

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When farming began, so did civilisation.

Such is the fundamental nature of agriculture to our way of life.

But does it follow that all farmers have similar objectives and experiences?

In Farm Swap, Mike Gallagher meets two farmers who are working outside their own countries.

They are both prepared to experience a new environment but for very different reasons.

Pedro - Ecuadorian farmer

Pedro, a young Ecuadorian farmer who visits Hawaii

In part one: Pedro, an idealistic young Ecuadorian farmer, visits Hawaii.

In many ways the eight main islands in Hawaii are a farmer's paradise - with rich soil, year round crop growth, and wealthy customers all around.

During his 4 month visit to Hawaii, Pedro visits a coffee plantation and learns how to encourage sustainable agriculture.

But as well as discovering new farming techniques and sharing experiences to take back to Ecuador, what can Pedro teach Hawaiian farmers in return?

And what can two farmers from different lands and with different objectives contribute to each other?

First broadcast on Wednesday 17 June 2009

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