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The Cricket Revolution

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The traditional format of five-day test cricket is being challenged by the arrival of Twenty20.

In this two-part series presented by David Goldblatt, The Cricket Revolution examines how the international game of cricket has been turned on its head in just six years.

David asks what this means for cricket's future.

Dancers at Lord's Cricket Ground

Dancers entertain the crowd during a ICC World Twenty20 match at Lord's Cricket Ground, London, the spiritual home of cricket

In part two: David travels to Dubai, from where the global game of cricket is now run.

This is a fitting emblem of the revolution now taking place within the game.

David investigates the new countries bidding to become cricketing powers in the wake of the revolution.

He looks at how cricket is being globalised not on Western terms, but on those dictated by the Indian sub-continent.

And he considers the future of the new countries bidding to become cricketing powers in the wake of the revolution - China, the US and Saudi Arabia most prominent among them.

The global appeal of cricket is reaching out from its traditionally large markets in India, Australia, England and South Africa.

So can the Twenty20 cricket revolution help to make cricket a truly global game?

First broadcast on Wednesday 10 June 2009

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