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My World: The Infidelity Agency

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Meet Vivek Kumar, a man sustaining a successful business out of marital strife.

Vivek Kumar thrives on infidelity. He runs India's number one detective agency and business is booming.

From his small office in the central business district of Mumbai, he deals daily with stories of marital woe brought to him by people from around the world.

In the past, Indian women often suffered adulterous relationships in silence but times have changed.

Changes to the law and to middle-class lifestyles mean women have more power in the home than ever before. And women are asserting that power.

Divorce is growing sharply in urban areas even though India's tortuous legal system means a case can take seven years to complete.

Lawyers beg for more courts and judges to take the strain.

Fortunately for Kumar, the growing middle-class can afford the stiff fees he asks to try to prove their fears.

We go behind the scenes of the Globe Detective Agency as Kumar identifies and pursues his targets.

Through Kumar, we investigate how marriage is changing in India.

First broadcast Friday 15th May 2009

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