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Lewis Wolpert, Emeritus Professor in Cell and Developmental Biology at UCL, is one of the most influential developmental biologists in the world. It's forty years since he first proposed the concept of 'positional information' as a general explanation of how cells 'know' where to grow, and he insists that cells do just fine without a command structure; he discusses that and his latest thinking on the evolution of development, asking if cellular cannibalism could have been the origin of life itself?

British politician and author Lord Paddy Ashdown shares his thoughts on why global interconnectivity demands new thinking about forms of governance. He believes nations must find new ways of listening and talking to each other if they are to survive the challenges of the 21st century.

Bangladeshi writer and anthropologist Tahmima Anam has lived on three different continents and her peripatetic lifestyle fuels her belief that as more and more of us come to experience the psychological impact of migration, we will develop a greater understanding of what she calls 'otherisation'.

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