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A lion called Christian

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Imagine you're in London. It's the middle of the swinging 60s. The Beatles are in the charts, Twiggy is the latest fashion icon and the place to be seen is the King's Road in Chelsea.

But suddenly, coming down the road towards you, you see an open top Bentley car... with a lion sitting in the passenger seat.

His name is Christian. He was bought at the Harrods department store by two Australians.

They worked in a pine furniture shop in the middle of the city.

Christian's owners, Anthony 'Ace' Burke and John Rendell, eventually decided to release him into the wild.

They enlisted the help of George Adamson - the man made famous by the film Born Free.

One day, Ace and John went to visit Christian in the bush in Kenya.

The film of what happened during their 1971 trip has now become an internet sensation.

Ace and John chatted to Matthew Bannister about living with a lion.

You can read more about it in their book, A Lion Called Christian.

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