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African Perspective

The Dream Home

We meet an ordinary Kenyan woman who has done an extraordinary thing and opened her home to 49 orphaned children.

Rachel Gichia is one of an increasing number of Kenyans who are stepping forward to adopt or care for children in need.

The programme explores her motives and finds out how she copes, but also discovers that the situation is more complicated than it first appears.

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Living On Death

They are some of Zambia's most courageous workers, quietly getting on with their job - a job which is shunned by most of their compatriots.

Meet Mwanza and Kapemba, two mortuary attendants working in Lusaka.

In this programme, they reveal what their work entails, but also what it feels like to deal with the stigma they face.

In Zambia, strong cultural beliefs mean that they are feared and avoided by family members and neighbours.

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