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The Bicycle Diaries

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Wheelchair user

Man using a wheelchair made of bicycle parts in Kampala, Uganda

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    A new bicycle system in Paris, France
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    Why cycling matters in Kampala, Uganda
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    How biking in New Delhi, India helps the economy

This three - part series illustrates how the bicycle is used today and what impact it has on people's lives.

With more than a billion models worldwide, the bicycle has found a place in every society.

Since its invention in 1817 people have redesigned and used the bike for hundreds of different purposes.

From sporting events and policing the streets to sharpening knives and selling ice cream.

Using a lot of leg power, the Bicycle Diaries journeys into three different places around the world to discover the communities and people for whom two wheels are better than four.

Programme two:

The montage of voices in this programme talk about why peddle power matters in Kampala, Uganda.

In Kampala, a particularly distinctive and sturdy metal framed bicycle can be seen everywhere, and it is used for a great deal more than commuting.

We hear from cyclists talking about how they get around the city, bicycle repair workers, delivery workers who rely on bicycles, and a wheelchair user who owns a wheelchair made of bicycle parts.

The programme explores why cyclists in Kampala are emotionally attached to their bicycles, and how the bicycle is put to various ingenious uses. As a two wheel mobile pay-phone stall, an ice-cream stall, and to transport heavy goods and passengers.

First broadcast Friday 23 January 2009

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