In this topical and lively series, contemporary stories and events are explored through the examination of archive material of events that have gone before.

With the benefit of hindsight, how do the events of previous decades seem to us now?

Programme one: The Phenomenon of Urban Terrorism

With the recent Mumbai terror attacks in mind, presenter George Arney listens to archive material and speaks to key eye-witnesses and historians in an attempt to better understand how terror movements are born and how they are reported.

George looks specifically at the German Baader-Meinhof group - an organisation radicalised by perceived police brutality. He finds stories and events that still resonate today.

Who were the Baader-Meinhof gang?

What drove Andreas Baader, a founding member, to turn to violence? And is he now remembered as a murderer or a martyr?

First broadcast 5 December 2008


Terror Chic - A Point of View by Clive James

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