Tired of terror

Tired of terror

Giving up the gun in Kashmir

In this two-part documentary, Indian journalist Rupa Jha travels to Kashmir to talk to some of the former militants who fought against her country - to ask them and their families why they took up arms in the first place, what led them to put them down, how they view their future and how their past has affected their children.

How difficult is it for them to lead a normal life? Can they be trusted and how difficult is it to give up arms once you have experienced killing? Are they really Tired of Terror?

In part one, Rupa talks to former militants and their families about why they took up arms, why they gave up violence and what the challenges are of returning to normal society.

She is invited to celebrate Eid in the home of the former commander Zaffer Akbar Bhatt, who runs a party fighting for the rights of ex-militants in Kashmir.

She talks to ex-militant turned newspaper columnist as he prepares his latest piece and visits the martyr's graveyard to ask the brother of a militant who did not give up but died fighting, how he feels about surrendered militants.