Argentina - Dancing To The Music Of The Mind

Argentina - Dancing To The Music Of The Mind

Argentina is a country which has experienced military dictatorships and political upheaval.

It is a country that has seen many waves of immigration and although it is one of South America's largest economies, it fell fowl to economic collapse in 2001.

Is it any wonder then, that almost one in every two hundred people in its capital city, Buenos Aires are psychoanalysts?

In this documentary, Argentinean writer and film director, Edgardo Cozarinsky explores his native city and uncovers why its residents are obsessed with psychotherapy.

He talks to artists, dancers, novelists and other Argentineans about how psychotherapy has shaped their work.

He finds out what it is about his fellow citizens that makes them unashamed to talk to strangers about their most intimate thoughts and feelings.

He finds out where and when this obsession with psychoanalysis began.

From the influence of Freud to a photographer who escaped Hitler, Argenitina's preoccupation with the mind and body can be traced back to the early 20th century.

Join Edgardo on his journey as he discovers why psychotherapy and tango have such a pervasive hold on the Argentine mind and soul.