Escape to New Zealand

Escape to New Zealand

Global Perspective is the BBC World Service's international documentary series.

Each year the BBC World Service collaborates with radio stations from around the world to make a documentary series on a contemporary subject of international importance and interest.

Each partner station contributes a documentary which gives a local interpretation of the chosen theme, and this year the theme is Escape.

Programme Six: Escape to New Zealand

Warnings of climate change and economic instability are widespread in 2008.

Human influence on the global climate and the imminent likelihood of rising sea levels, droughts and widespread agricultural failure have set some Americans and Europeans on a path to find ways to escape these changes.

The dire planetary predictions have pushed them to become active environmental refugees, seeking a home on some part of the planet where the predicted global changes can, perhaps, be weathered.

In Escape to New Zealand, environmental refugees talk to presenter and producer Halina Ogonowska-Coates, for Radio New Zealand, about their personal experiences in dealing with the issues facing our planet.