Bangladesh Floods

Bangladesh Floods

Bangladeshis were warned that a cyclone was ready to come their way and it did, on the night of the November 15th last year.

Cyclone Sidr struck south east Bangladesh turning millions of lives upside down and killing thousands.

Many survivors were left struggling for basic necessities such as tents, rice, drinking water and medicines.

This special documentary marks three months since that tragic event.

BBC reporter, Siobhann Tighe, missed the cyclone by just a matter of days.

She had been travelling down the main waterways of Bangladesh investigating climate change issues for the BBC World Service.

She was finding out first-hand just how vulnerable this poor country is to extreme weather.

Three months on, she retraces her steps, speaking to some of the survivors and hearing their traumatic stories.

She makes her way down south to the Patuakhali and Barguna districts where she finds out how people are rebuilding their lives and whether the existing cyclone shelters helped in their survival.

As well as speaking to families in the affected region, she also talks to government advisors and climate change experts.

Siobhann finds out if anything can be learned from what happened and what can be done by the government to be better prepared if it were ever to happen again.