Zambian phone firm takes on world

Zambian phone firm takes on world

Mobile phone user in Africa

Mobile phones are big business across Africa

In 2006, Mohammed Sadeet had a dream. Mobile phones were selling like hot cakes in Africa, so why couldn't he manufacture those phones in his home country of Zambia?

Now, three years on, Mr Sadeet has raised $3m from Zambian investors and bought equipment from Hong Kong and Malaysia.

To much fanfare in Zambia's capital of Lusaka, Mr Sadeet's mobile phone company - Mtech - has begun production.

His company is one of the first large-scale mobile phone manufacturers in southern Africa.

Mr Sadeet has high hopes for Mtech, which employs hundreds of Zambian workers and technicians, and is aiming to sell up to a million handsets a year.

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First broadcast on World Business News on 13 March 2009