In hard times, haggle for a deal

In hard times, haggle for a deal

Hong Kong shoppers

Sometimes it can pay to haggle

Hard times? Can't afford the price? Try bargaining

The Research Group, a market research firm, say 72% of American consumers have haggled in the past four months, compared with 56% a year earlier.

Does it work? James Gordon went onto the streets of New York to find a bargain.

First on his shopping list was a new pair of socks.

Listen Listen to the BBC's James Gordon as he tries to haggle in New York (1 min 36 secs)

Roger Hearing asked Professor Richard Zeckhauser of Harvard's business school, whether haggling was beneficial to a struggling economy.

Listen Professor Richard Zeckhauser (1 min 37 secs)

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First broadcast on World Business News on 9 February 2009