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She's continued to write and has published more than twenty novels as well as drama, opera, short stories and non-fiction. In March 2001 she was awarded the David Cohen Prize in honour of a lifetime of excellence.

Doris Lessing maintains that, while her style may vary according to the genre she chooses, science fiction, adventure, or domestic novel, her voice remains the same. She believes that the theme which runs through all her work is recurrence, cycles of change....both of nature and politics:

"I do think the feeling of recurrence comes often into my work, this feeling in Mara and Dann of cycles. You see these cycles in a life, and then you see them in nations, ..You see when you think of what I have seen go - first the good old British empire which disappeared when it was supposed to last for ever; Hitler was ranting and raving about a thousand years' rule; Mussolini; the Soviet Union seemed indestructible; the white dominated societies of Southern Africa seemed everlasting... I would have found it impossible to believe that the one in southern Rhodesia could go just like that. All these things have gone as if they never were, so you don't have, at my age, much of a belief in permanence."
Doris Lessing

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