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Last updated: 9 november, 2012 - 10:26 GMT

International Radio Playwriting Competition 2012: Shortlist of scripts

From over 1,000 scripts received from across the world, we're delighted to announce that the final 13 scripts have been chosen.

All the short-listed plays are now with our judges for consideration and the two winning plays - one from each category - will be announced later this year.

Thank you to everyone who entered, we really enjoyed reading all of your plays - it was a real privilege.

English as a second language

Before We Leave by José Eduardo Alcázar, Paraguay
An elderly couple sit in a remote house and wait to be taken away. Where they have to go is unclear, what will happen to them when they get there is unknown, but they refuse to be parted.

And The Sun Went On Shining Cynically by Seda Stepanyan, Armenia
Stephanie is devastated when the love of her life disappears. Her desperate hunt to find him takes her straight into the heart of a raging war.

Control by Marjan Alcevski, Croatia
A simple psychological experiment pushes its players into a dangerous game of survival. Should they work together or turn on each other to win?

Regarding Angela by Joshua Lim So, The Philippines
In the near future Ma and Pa's peaceful evening is broken when a possible rebel seeks refuge. Together the trio reversion the past and present, forming an altogether unreal reality.

Sunflowers Behind A Dirty Fence by Angella Emurwon, Uganda
On a mission to recreate his grandfather's lost photograph of a sunflower garden, young Yakobo must journey to Kampala city and tackle the many perils that he meets along the way.

The Fiancé by Andrianabelina Rakotobe, Madagascar
Times are difficult for the jobless graduates of Lagaland but Djeedjee refuses to struggle. Instead he courts wealthy women, feasts at their engagement parties and then disappears. He calls it restoring social justice - his hard working friends disagree.

Two Men On A Tree by Manjima Chaterjee, India
A great flood has covered Bengal. Their village washed away, two men perch in a tree, clinging on for dear life. From completely different walks of life, the two unlikely companions hang on, talk and try to determine their position in the great karmic cycle of life.

English as a first language

The Fisherman by Janet Veronica Morrison, Jamaica
In a sleepy Jamaican fishing village an elderly couple try to shelter their grandchildren from the increasing threats that are coming in from the sea. Their innocence however, can only be secured for so long.

Lucky Bird by Neva Grant, Australia
Lorraine is driven to share her dark secret with a stranger. She obsessively calls people around the world, but the search for a sympathetic ear is easier than the search for redemption.

I Am Here To Ask You A Series Of Questions by Laura Jacqmin, USA
A government worker must complete three economic surveys by the end of the day or he risks losing his job. As he examines the lives of his fellow Americans, he is forced to consider his own life, and begins to realise the depths of his own unhappiness.

Berlin To Balaton by Kristina Jilly and Sue Healy, Hungary
A card-carrying communist and a teenage goth meet in East Berlin. The two form an unlikely friendship which sees them journey across the border and into a new life without divides.

Tunnel Vision by Ray Dolphin, East Jerusalem
The Gaza Strip has hundreds of tunnels connecting the blockaded land to the outside world via Egypt. Confined underground are two young workers who hope, dream and act out the futures they can only fantasise about living.

A Holy Man by David Price, Hong Kong
Two children find a man living in the hills above their village. It connects them to a dark wartime secret and to an atrocity that took place at the well ten years earlier.

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