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International Playwriting Competition 2011: Short-list of plays

English as a second language:

Eight plays were short-listed in this category.

click The Wild Neighbour and the Willing Coward - by Fernanda Affonso De Andre Jaber - China

Being a good man and a good neighbour is not always the same thing, as Avi is about to find out. A moral fable about community, fear and the love of a big cat.

Horn Signals by Sonja Lazovic - Montenegro

A trip to the coast. A speeding car. A horn blast and a near fatal collision on a train crossing. The passengers blame each other. But as the fog descends, they wonder what would have happened if they hadn't survived.

Taped by Marco Aurelio Pinotti Catala - Brazil

Victor loves his Rachel. Rachel loves Victor. They seem to have the perfect marriage. So why is Michael so keen to talk to Rachel about her perfect husband? A story of the power of love, science - and technology.

The New Bwana by Samwel Soko Osebe - Kenya

Gaga and Mutia have done the same job in the workshop for ten years. Surely it's time for one of them to be the boss – the new bwana? A satire of hope and possibility in the developing world.

Dear Mother by Atwine Bashir Kenneth - Uganda

Tina has always wanted to work hard – and help her mother and brother back home. Such a simple wish. But life – and a so-called friend - force her into choices she never wanted to make.

Jam by Annie Zaidi - India

Two old friends, recently reunited, are trying to drive home. But the Indian traffic doesn't move. As the heat builds, the memories return.

The Coup by Stanley Makuwe - New Zealand

Who would deny the dead a decent burial? Only the most corrupt government. It's time for the deceased to rise up and stage a revolution - one they hope will take their corrupt president to the very depths of hell.

Siamese Twin by Agur Schiff - Israel

Elisa has seen every kind of passenger and done every kind of trip in his bone-shaking taxi. But tonight, as he drives an elderly passenger across the sultry Negev desert, even he is going to be surprised.

English as a first language:

Six plays were short-listed in this category.

The Floating Books by Finegan Kruckemeyer - Australia

Joan lies in bed writing her diary, as water slowly fills her room. At the same time her daughter Edie, is rescuing precious books from a sunken ship. Their lives and loves cross across the waves.

click The Navigator by Lasha Bugadze, translated by Maya Kiasashvili - Georgia

Rostom is content with his regular office routine, safe on the fifteenth floor. But when he's made to drive to inspect construction sites - and with a sat nav - his life begins to take an entirely unexpected course. A comedy about love, redemption and the surprising effects of in-car technology

The Nature of Captivity by Matthew Paul Olmos - USA

Nellie has been told that she must stay inside. She knows that something is outside which threatens her and her brother and sister. The settlers are coming, the heap of dead bodies is growing and they are the last ones to survive. But how do you live when there's nothing left?

The Bus by Benjamin Kent - Ghana

Sometimes life isn't about the choices you make, but the options you have. A violent robbery on a bus forces a father to choose – but can he, or his family, ever recover from the consequences of a split second decision?

Twelve Easy Steps by Declan Greene - Australia

Is there hope for the fat, ugly, old, pathetic and lonely? A modern love story about two people who try to be better together.

The Rosy Sanctuary by Nicholas Popowich - Canada

Cam Stokes is a rising star as the voice of Comspec, the government's propaganda machine. He has kept secret the banned books that he's reading. But another secret is to prove much harder to keep, as the political and the personal begin to blur.

You can also listen to a selection of plays from a recent showcase that was recorded in London click click here.

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