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Last updated: 22 march, 2010 - 12:33 GMT

Broadcast MyWorld Entries from Europe

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European Curator Greg Sanderson Explains his Shortlist:

Greg Sanderson

Greg Sanderson, Executive Producer, BBC Storyville

Over the last two years, European countries, like most others, have been hit hard by the economic downturn. Yet, as the submitted films demonstrated, many of the continent's problems are much more deeply rooted and endemic.

We start with a challenge to humanity everywhere – to look for the brightest hope in an adversity that could strike any one of us. A Short Film about Independence tells the story of Simon, a man struggling against MS, but looking on the bright side.

The Strings, is a powerful evocation of the struggle for income of Serbian women working on the black market. Few circumstances can be more difficult than seeking refugee status in a foreign land, and My Mind is Always There takes us into the agonising world of an Kurdish migrant living in the UK. International Relations charts the difficulties of another form of migration – this time the sense of dislocation from moving to a new city to get the best start in life.

One country that has certainly been feeling the pinch of the credit crunch is Spain. Three films from Spain took very different perspectives, though with an interesting visual similarity. Wash, Rinse and Spin again deals with unemployment, though of a less grinding scale than Serbia. Concrete World charts one of the main reasons for unemployment in Spain – an unsustainable building boom. My Walking World, on the other hand, brings us to end on an upbeat note – showing the fun and joy that can be gained from a simple walk around your world.

The Shortlist:

Watch A Short Film about Independence

Watch The Strings

click Disappearing Villages

Watch Search for a Smile

Watch My Mind is Always There

Watch International Relations

click Wash, Rinse and Spin (Overall MyWorld winner)

Watch Concrete World

Watch My Walking World

(not all films in broadcast edition)


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