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Broadcast MyWorld Entries from Asia

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Asia Curator Asako Fujioka's Explains her Shortlist:

Asako Fujioko

Asako Fujio, Director, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Tokyo

My favourite films were those with heart… about longing and family, using the camera as a tool for communicating emotion than information. Many films seemed to be made on a mobile or a very small camera, an extension of the hand and the person holding it. This gave the associations between shots or ideas a very gut-feeling originality, a personal feeling that came across powerfully. I found that the films aiming for glossy professionalism, or making a “smart” copy of television, looked contrived and pretentious among the intensity of chunky rough-hewn ore. My Village is a first-person film which conveys much more about the complexity surrounding migration of populations in today’s world than any news item.

The overall lineup includes urban and village stories, about the simple joys and devastating troubles of living in contemporary Asia.

The Shortlist:

Watch Georgia, I Love You

Watch (Mukti) Free

Watch Tunnel Youth

Watch Chinese Belly Dancer

Watch My Village (Highest scoring Asian entry)


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