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Broadcast MyWorld Entries from America

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Americas Curator Cara Mertes' Explains her Shortlist:

Cara Mertes

Cara Mertes, Director, Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program

The Americas continue infinite variety, but as this collection of short films shows, people across the continents have much in common. Highlighting a range of styles, the snapshots captured by these filmmakers illustrate a full spectrum of life today, from the banalities of daily existence to the profound, but driving all of these stories is a sense of dreams being forsaken and the universal human striving for something better. From a young man coping with intermittent blackouts in Venezuela to an American family struggling to adapt to being homeless, to a woman living in her self-created Hollywood fantasy world to a young woman's poetic riff on getting the best out of San Francisco, people's stories appear like snowflakes--each unique, short-lived, yet leaving a lasting impression.

The Shortlist:

Watch Flophouse

Watch ¿Y Ahora? (And Now?)

Watch Sacked

Watch Nothing from Heaven

Watch A Day in the Strife

Watch Life after the House (highest scoring film from the Americas)

Watch A World of Silent Dreams

Watch Heritage

Watch What Would Darwin Say?

Watch A Day in San Francisco

(not all films in broadcast edition)


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