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Broadcast MyWorld Entries from Africa

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Africa Curator Mandisa Zitha Explains her Shortlist:

Mandisa Zitha

Mandisa Zitha, Festival Director Encounters Festival, South Africa

The overall theme is celebration. The films selected celebrate the beauty and heritage of Africa, while juxtaposing it against the continents current issues. The film makers explore their identities through the notions of home, heritage, tradition, childhood, conflict, the environment and socio-economic issues.

A Life’s Work has an authentic voice that highlights the challenges of modernity on rural communities, e.g. communication, poverty, HIV/ Aids. However, the film maker gives hope by celebrating his cultural heritage and his determination to make a change.

Somewhere in Northern Tanzania is a well-structured and visually strong film. The film maker celebrates her cultural heritage by providing a snapshot of one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes in the world. The film depicts a romantic view of Africa, untouched by modernity – and hence is not the best illustration of modern Africa.

Alex My World provides a feast of visuals of township life. It shows ‘home’ not as a utopian space, but one that creates a sense of belonging, albeit it’s many social-economic problems. He also celebrates the cultural and political heritage of the place.

Abandoned to Their Fate the film maker celebrates the resilience of the African child without ignoring the issues plaguing children on the continent, and does so with his thought-provoking art.

The Shortlist:

Watch A Life’s Work (joint highest scoring film from Africa)

Watch Drive Thru Shopping

Watch Somewhere in Northern Tanzania (joint highest scoring film from Africa)

Watch Alex, My World

Watch Shame on Us

Watch Abandoned to their Fate

(Not all films in broadcast edition)


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