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Last updated: 22 march, 2010 - 13:02 GMT

Broadcast MyWorld Entries from Oceania

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Oceania Curator Stuart Menzies Explains his Shortlist:

Stuart Menzies

Head of Documentaries, the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC)

The short listed films from Oceania all reveal place through the story, including the struggle to rebuild Australia's Kinglake after devastating bushfires.

Oceania is a diverse region and while the stories of place and people are specific the themes have universal resonance – resilience in Port Adelaide and the everyday heroism in Everyday Except Mondays. Overall the most common theme in the films was optimism.

My two favourite films were Everyday Except Mondays and Port Adelaide and for the same reasons. They were well crafted stories of people and place where the filmmaker knew the subject and what they wished to say, they were engaging and gave me a glance of the place.

The ambition of My World was to create a collection of unique snapshots from around the globe, which collectively tells us some thing of the world. These films contribute to fulfilling that ambition.

Watch Everyday Except Mondays (Highest Scoring Film from Oceania)

Watch Port Adelaide

Watch Kinglake

Watch Timor Jots


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