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The Five Rays of Raza by SH Raza

S.H. Raza

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SH Raza is one of India's best known living artists and has been painting since the 1940s.

He was one of the founding members of the avant-garde Progressive Artists' Group (PAG) in 1947, who aimed to seek out a new expression for Indian art immediately after the country's independence.

S.H. Raza

Raza has been living and working in France for the last 50 years but his ties to India remain strong.

His latest show, The Five Rays of Raza, is a collection of abstract and geometric works painted in vibrant colours which are inspired by India's cultural and religious beliefs.

SH Raza & MF Husain at The Kings Road Gallery & Tanya Baxter Contemporary in London from 10th December 2009 - 31st January 2010.

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