Last updated: 20 may, 2010 - 15:24 GMT

Arena's Aregash Adane is standing against PM Meles in Adwa

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Aregash Adane was at one time, the most senior woman in the Prime Minister's party, the EPRDF until she and others left in 2001 over disagreements on how to deal with Eritrea.

Prior to that, a member of the governing TPLF central committee and the most senior female fighter during the struggle against the Derg.

She is the first person to challenge Prime Minister Meles Zenawi for the parliamentary seat of Adwa, which he has held for almost two decades.

She is a member of the main opposition party in the north, Arena-Tigray, which is also part of the Medrek coalition.

The BBC's Uduak Amimo asked Ms Adane how her family had reacted to her challenge for Adwa.

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