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South Africans still wait for change

The black township if Cross Road in Cape Town, South Africa, 1994

Over two and a half million homes have been built in South Africa since 1994 but there is still a massive housing shortage for poor people.

The release of Nelson Mandela was accompanied by the expectation that the lives of the majority of South Africans would improve with the end of the racist apartheid system and the arrival of democratic rule.

Our correspondent in Cape Town, Mohammed Allie considers whether the people of South Africa have had their dreams of better lives fulfilled.

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Mandela: Twenty years free

Pressing for peace

  • Briton, Michael Young was a conduit for dialogue to end apartheid

  • Nelson Mandela makes an impassioned plea for equality in South Africa.

  • An interview to mark the 20th anniversary since the release of Nelson Mandela.

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