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Deal broker

Although President de Klerk ordered Madiba's release in February 1990, negotiations had actually started secretly five years before.

South Africa leaders Nelson Mandela, FW De Klerk and Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi prior to peace talks about the removal of the apartheid system of government.

A key figure who helped broker the agreement between the apartheid government and the ANC was a Briton called Michael Young.

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A former politician, he was the public affairs director of the British mining company, Consolidated Goldfields with a vested interest in peace as the preferred environment for their operations.

With his company's backing, he set about trying to bring the two sides together - he explained what happened to BBC's Peter Ndoro.

Mandela: Twenty years free

The Rivonia trial

  • At his trial in April 1964 Nelson Mandela made this famous plea for equality

  • "The apartheid supporting media spoke about only one possible sentence - death"

  • Ahmed Kathrada was imprisoned on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela in 1964

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