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Tuareg collective

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On Saturday morning, a group of young Tuareg men, wrapped in turbans against the strengthening sun, sat in the sand in front of their community of tents jamming together. There were guitars, drums, rapping, clapping and harmonies, the sound attracting a participating audience of friends and fellow musicians.

It epitomised the spirit of the festival, the coming together of people for music, collaboration and friendship.

The young men were musicians from Kidal, a town in the north of Mali which is also home to Tinariwen, the country’s most successful Tuareg band.

Playing together that day were members of three bands from the town; Amanar, Terkafte and Taliwen.

It was too windy for an outside performance and so they were persuaded to crawl into one of their own small tents along with cameras and recording equipment to perform a track for the Timbuktu video sessions collection.

This is - from Terakafte: Salou on guitar and vocals; from Taliwen: Araby Ag Iknane and Baye Ag Ibrahime rapping; from Amanar: Abdarahmane Se'kou on guitar and Oumar Ag Baoly on the drum.

The track is " Adounia Tanoukmane".

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