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Naija Bride by ATK Robinson (Nigeria)

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Sola Adesida tries to dupe Luke Badmos through internet dating by posing as Rebecca, a woman whom Luke falls in love with.

Amazino Robinson, the author of Naija Bride

Amazino Robinson

Sola and his accomplices succeed in obtaining US $100,000 from Luke supposedly meant for the treatment of his prospective father-in-law who is said to be in need of a kidney transplant.

Luke Badmos who works for a multi national bank in the USA uses his position in the bank to misappropriate the US $100,000 and sends it to his ‘bride-to-be’.

Unfortunately for him, his crime was discovered and he is deported and handed over to the Nigerian Financial Crimes Agency. The agency subsequently arrests them while attempting to cash the loot.

The accomplices are sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Directed by Vera Kwakofi

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