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Zimbabwe stories

New author Petina Gappah is a Zimbabwean lawyer based in Geneva; she has just published a collection of 13 short stories.

Petina visited us here at Bush House and Bola Mosuro asked if the title story 'An Elegy for Easterly' - in which a community struggles to survive evictions whilst maintaining alliances, petty grievances and even prejudices - was based on a true story or if she just imagined the painful experiences people were going through.

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Extracts from 'An Elegy For Easterly'

  • Petina Gappah reads an extract from her story about a mad woman, a childless woman and an unforgiving community.

    WatchDuration: 01:35

  • Petina Gappah reads from her story about the comfortable but precarious life of a kept woman in ultra-rich Harare.

    WatchDuration: 01:03

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