March 09 news timeline

March 09 news timeline

Stories from 8th - 14th March

7th March

A divided Sierra Leone People's Party holds convention since losing power in 2007.

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Anger and disbelief in Zimbabwe as Prime Minister's wife is killed in a car crash.

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6th March

UN calls for action following the gunning down of two human rights activists in Kenya.

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UN aid agencies in Sudan warn of the consequences of being expelled by the government.

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Is Zimbabwe's Attorney General defying the president's decision to release political activists?

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AU leaders seek UN intervention to delay the ICC arrest warrant for Sudan's president.

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5th March

A defiant President al-Bashir lashes out over the ICC warrant for his arrest.

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Big Brother watching- the Ugandan government move to legalise phone tapping.

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How can the arrest of President al-Bashir be enforced and what are the legal ramifications?

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4th March

Sudan's president becomes the first sitting head of state to be indicted by the ICC.

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Guinea Bissau has an interim president but can they organise elections in 60 days time?

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The Sudanese government dismisses the indictment of President Omar al-Bashir.

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3rd March

Regina Chiluba, the wife of the former Zambian president is jailed for corruption.

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The former financial advisor to ANC leader Jacob Zuma is released on medical parole.

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Uncertainty hangs over Guinea Bissau after the assassination of President Nino Vieira.

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2nd March

The AU meets in Kenya to discuss the use of a single currency on the continent.

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Resurgence of FDLR activity in DR Congo just days after joint operation ends.

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1st March

Somalia's president gives in to demands for Sharia law by hardline Islamists.

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UN boss to visit the DR Congo, but what can his trip bring to the east of the country?

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Guinea's military junta lifts the ban on political parties and trade unions.

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