November 08 news timeline

November 08 news timeline

Former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo is named UN peace envoy to the crisis in the DR Congo; a fresh diplomatic row erupts between Rwanda and France; and singing legend, Miriam Makeba "Mama Africa" dies in Italy at 74.

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30th November

Religious and ethnic clashes continue in the central Nigerian town of Jos.

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Will Joseph Kony, Ugandan rebel LRA leader meet the deadline to sign a peace agreement?

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29th November

The Ugandan government and LRA rebels are to sign a final peace agreement today.

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28th November

Efforts to restore peace to DR Congo continue with the return of the UN special envoy.

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Riots in the Nigerian city of Jos leave several civilians dead the day after local elections.

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Thousands flee Congo into Uganda but what is the government planning on doing?

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The UN special envoy to the DR Congo is back in Kinshasa, what's on his agenda?

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27th November

Kenya's government has agreed to implement two internationally backed reports.

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"The preparations are underway" Chissano on Uganda peace signing.

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Refugees flee Eastern DRC into Uganda as the WHO warns of a looming cholera outbreak.

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A Kenyan project practises universal testing and treatment in a bid to eradicate AIDS.

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26th November

More than 20 people burnt alive in Ghana while scooping fuel from an overturned tanker.

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25 children have died in Nigeria after being administered a fake drug.

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Somalia's interim government and opposition faction sign a deal to expand the government.

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Falls in global copper and cobalt prices hit Zambia's economy.

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Early treatment could drop full blown AIDS cases by 95 percent, a new report says.

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25th November

A new round of power sharing talks in Zimbabwe - but what happens if no progress is made?

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Human Rights Watch accuse DR Congo of committing atrocities against opposition groups.

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EU shipowners call for the proposed anti-piracy force to have a robust mandate.

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Rival Zimbabwean political factions set to meet yet again in South Africa.

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24th November

South Africa's governing party steps into the feud between Zimbabwe's political rivals.

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More talks about Somalia in Djibouti. Are they still relevant given the recent violence?

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Ecowas condemns attack on the Guinea Bissau presidential palace by mutinous soldiers.

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23rd November

A tense ceasefire holds, a day after General Laurent Nkunda holds a rally in Rutshuru.

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The Zimbabwe government denies entry to Kofi Annan and his Elders team.

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22nd November

Ghana's president John Kufuor makes his final official visit to Liberia.

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A group of elders including Kofi Annan, say they will defy President Mugabe and go to Harare.

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21st November

Ethiopian troops due to lay down arms in Somalia but fierce fighting continues.

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Call for ‘Elite troops’ in DR Congo as humanitarian crisis takes a turn for the worse.

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Who is David Matsanga and what is he to Ugandan LRA leader Joseph Kony?

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Why is Rwanda not convinced that sending more UN troops to the DRC will stop the war?

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20th November

Togo's PM Gilbert Houngbo describes how his role works.

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Our reporter Thomas Fessy reports on what life is like behind rebel lines in DR Congo.

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Rwandan diplomat Rose Kabuye is free in France but still has to fight charges connected with the genocide.

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19th November

Kenyan prison service under scrutiny after a video of prisoner torture appeared on tv.

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Rwandan diplomat Rose Kabuye is extradited to France to appear before the investigating judge.

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General Nkunda offers to withdraw troops from positions north of Goma in DR Congo.

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Anger in Rwanda as the diplomat accused of causing the genocide faces a French court.

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18th November

Hijacked Saudi oil tanker reaches the Somali coast. Saudi Arabia condemns the pirates.

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East African ministers impose sanctions on those obstructing the Somali peace process.

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Rebels in Niger's uranium rich north launch an attack on government troops.

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President Kabila appoints a new head for the DR Congo's army - but will it help?

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17th November

The new UN envoy for eastern DR Congo wraps up his first round of shuttle diplomacy.

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African Union troops in Somalia prepare for the withdrawal of Ethiopian forces.

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Amnesty International accuses the Ugandan government of neglecting displaced people.

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Why is a long-standing Swazi opposition leader being held under new anti-terror laws?

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16th November

Chad and Sudan announce plans to deploy a joint force to patrol their common border.

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Rwanda and DR Congo say they have found a way to end the crisis in the east.

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