Southern journey: Brong-Ahafo

Southern journey: Brong-Ahafo

The Africa Today team is travelling around Ghana's ten regions, exploring the issues on voters' minds and speaking to the candidates about what they have to offer.

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Uduak Amimo and Pete Lewenstein have reached Ghana's agricultural heartland, Brong-Ahafo region.

The region accounts for 75% of Ghana's agricultural output, which is second only to mining as Ghana's leading foreign exchange earner.

All the main parties are promising to modernise the under-performing agrucultural sector and bring it up to full strength.

But the agricultural union is not impressed with the country's agricultural policies.

Uduak Amimo met the General Secretary of the Agricultural Workers Union, Kingsley Nkansah in Techiman which is about 45 km from the regional capital, Sunyani.

He told Uduak what he considers to be the problems with the policies.

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What do farmers themselves think? They drove to Wenchi to meet Ghana's farmer of the year Dr Simon Sarko.

He is a medical doctor and also Ghana's Farmer of the Year 2008.

He owns seven farms near the hospital where he works in the town of Wenchi in the Brong-Ahafo region.

Uduak Amimo put it to him that commercial farmers like to focus on export crops rather than feeding their fellow Ghanaians.

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Ghanaian farming family in Brong-Ahafo

Uduak also met couple, Isaka Kareem and Mary Nsoma who are small scale farmers with seven children and grow beans near Wenchi.

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