Southern journey: Elmina, Central

Southern journey: Elmina, Central

The Africa Today team is travelling around Ghana's ten regions, exploring the issues on voters' minds and speaking to the candidates about what they have to offer.

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After leaving Koforidua, the busy capital of Eastern region, Uduak and the team headed west along the coast to Elmina, a Central Region town with a large population of fishermen.

Elmina, Central region

Hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians rely on the fishing industry and the country's political parties have been courting the votes within this industry, ahead of the general election.

The pledges

  • The governing NPP is promising to establish an institute to teach modern fishing methods and monitor the country's waters to deter poaching.
  • Its main rival, the NDC, also commits itself to training fishermen in more modern methods, deterring foreign and illegal fishing, and it makes a wide range of pledges for the industry.
  • One of the smaller opposition parties pledges to adopt a fisheries policy and implement an income security scheme.

Are Elmina's fishermen impressed?

Listen Fishermen in Elmina, 4 mins 45 secs

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