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African Leadership

In this wide-ranging interview, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan talks to Joseph Warungu about the current state of leadership in Africa. Mr Annan discusses the ramifications of Kenya's post-election crisis, gives his views on Zimbabwe's power-sharing stalemate and condemns the African leaders who rewrite their country's constitiutions to prolong their stay in power. 20th October 2008

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African Union

On the agenda at the African Union summit in the Egyptian town of Sharm El-Sheikh were high food and fuel prices, peace and security and Zimbabwe's election crisis. Elizabeth Blunt asked the President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Koroma, whether the meeting had been too dominated by Zimbabwe. 1st July 2008

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Anglican church

Anglican bishops from around the world have been meeting in the UK for the once-a-decade Lambeth Conference. For the first time in nearly a century, about a quarter of Anglican bishops including those from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Nigeria are boycotting the gathering. Archbishop Peter Akinola is the Primate of the Church of Nigeria's 15 million strong Anglican communion. He explained to Chris Ewokor why he was staying away. 16th July 2008

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This year has also been a turbulent year for Cameroon. First there were days of bloody protests in February against the rising cost of fuel and food. And then in April, parliament passed a controversial amendment to the constitution making it possible for President Biya who has been in office for 26 years to run for a third term when his current seven year term expires in 2011. The country's opposition often complains about intimidation and harassment. Veronique Edwards asked Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni whether he thought there was democracy in Cameroon. 10th July 2008

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Cameroon's Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni was in London to seek investors who may help him develop the country. But Cameroon has long been criticised for being one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Veronique Edwards wanted to know from prime minister Enoni whether the country was ready for investors. 10th July 2008

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There are renewed tensions between Sudan and Chad which could turn to conflict. Sudan has cut off diplomatic ties with Chad after accusing it of backing the Darfuri rebels and Chad has since formally closed its border and cut off economic links with Sudan. Mahamoud Bechir, Chad's ambassador to the United States spoke to Komla Dumor. 13th May 2008

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Commission for Africa

Umaru Fofana met Tony Blair on his visit to Sierra Leone. The conversation touched on Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, good governance in Africa and whether Mr Blair's Commission for Africa has lived up to his expectations? 10th June 2008

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DR Congo

The DR Congo Minister of Information and Government Spokesman, Lambert Mende Omalanga outlines to Uduak Amimo the extension granted to the joint operation in the north east of the country against the Ugandan rebel group the Lord's Resistance Army. 15th February 2009

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The CNDP rebel general, Laurent Nkunda is arrested in Rwanda. He was fleeing a joint operation between Congolese and Rwandan forces against the FDLR Hutu militia, who have been hiding in the east of DR Congo since the end of the Rwandan genocide. His unexpected detention by Rwanda comes after the Congolese government has consistently accused Rwanda of backing Nkunda and his purported aim of protecting ethnic Tutsis from the FDLR. The DR Congo Minister of Information and government spokesman, Lambert Mende Omalanga gave Peter Ndoro more details on the line from Kinshasa. 23rd January 2009

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For opposition groups in Ethiopia, the situation in Zimbabwe is a painful reminder of their own experiences three years ago. After elections in Ethiopia in 2005, dozens of opposition supporters were shot dead by security forces, in protests against electoral fraud, and many others were jailed. Berhanu Nega is the man who would've been mayor of Addis Ababa, but he was also thrown in jail. Bilkisu Labaran Ohyoma asked him to compare the situation in Zimbabwe today with that of Ethiopia. 28th June 2008

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