The continent mourns Mama Africa

The continent mourns Mama Africa

Focus on Africa and Network Africa, 10th November 2008

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Africa is mourning the loss of one of the continent's legends, Miriam Makeba, the South African singer who was nicknamed Mama Africa.

Miriam Makeba

She died as she lived - fighting.

She suffered a heart attack early this morning after performing in an Italian town in solidarity with six immigrants from Ghana who were shot dead there in September.

Miriam Makeba was 76 when she died, Audrey Brown looks back at her life.

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Her songs are familiar everywhere, but perhaps one of her most internationally famous songs is one that is known colloquially as "the Click Song".

Miriam Makeba in her own words:

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Reaction to her death

South Africa's minister of culture, Pallo Jordan gave his reaction to Paul Bakibinga.

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One of her proteges is singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

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Miriam Makeba's rise began when she began performing with the Manhattan Brothers- a South African band in the 1950s.

Joe Magotsi wrote many of their songs, and was one of her lovers.

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Mpho Lakaje has been gauging the mood in Johannesburg, her hometown.

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