US elections on Africa Today

US elections on Africa Today

US elections on Africa Today features reports from all over America filed by our travelling reporting team and exploring how African Americans view the election, what their concerns are and how they are being affected by the wider electoral issues.

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So, America has elected its first black president, can the continent learn any lessons from this massive exercise in democracy? Umaru Fofana reports.

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Polling Day

Both candidates are returning to their home states to cast their votes and our reporters are hot on their trail to bring us a taste of this historic day.

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grafitti on the wall of an Islamic centre in the US

1 day to go

Joseph Warungu met members of the Muslim community in the mid-west state of Minnesota.

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The African Growth and Opportunity Act, AGOA, has been in existence for eight years now. Meant to boost trade between the US and Africa, it grants tax-free status for many African imports and US exports, and encourages US investment in Africa. But how is it working practically? Bilkisu Labaran went to the seaport of Houston to find out.

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3 days to go

Joseph Warungu hears the election preferences of Happy Khalif, a Somali barber in Cleveland, Ohio.

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In George Bush's home state of Texas Bilkisu Labaran met a group of Nigerians; Tony Odile is a Democrat supporter and Chief Eze Ihea-nacho is a Republican supporter and Soma Ilodi an independent. First to speak is Tony Odile.

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guns for sale

4 days to go

One of the most divisive issues in the American election is gun control.

Ohio is one state that guarantees gun ownership and Joseph Warungu went to a store in Columbus run by Mr Rich Rodeheaver to, well, buy himself a gun!

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The United States's government policy towards Cuba has for a long time been hardline.

Now there's increasing pressure among Cuban-Americans for this to change, this desire for change is tainting the political views among the Cuban-American community in these elections.

Bilkisu Labaran in Miami asked Jose Baig, the Hispanic affairs correspondent for the Spanish section of the BBC World Service - whether this favours the Democrats or the Republicans?

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Healthcare in the US is an expensive business and one of the key issues in the US presidential campaign this year.

The migrant African communities in America are among those feeling the pinch of inadequate and expensive health cover.

In Columbus, Ohio, Joseph Warungu has been finding out why health is such a burning question for Barack Obama and John McCain.

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voting line in the US

5 days to go

With the economy such a major concern for US voters, when Joseph Warungu met up with a Kenyan car garage owner Dennis Simiyu in Columbus, Ohio he first asked 'how is business?'

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"To win the US presidency, you have to win Florida. And to win Florida, you have to win the Latino vote." So goes one saying and it's no wonder the presidential candidates are paying the state much closer attention.

Opinion polls have put the two candidates neck-and-neck and each is trying to gain a last minute advantage in a bid to win the 27 electoral college votes up for grabs.

How important is this Latino vote, and which way are they likely to vote? Bilkisu Labaran has been mingling with the crowd in Miami, Florida.

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Race has been a factor of American life and history for generations. So what role might it play in this election? Joseph Warungu has been speaking to a number of experts and reports from North Carolina.

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New York taxi

Joseph Warungu gets taken for a ride in a taxi driven by talkative Senegalese Amadu Ndiaye who has his own opinions on all things political.

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Two key battleground states in this election are North Carolina and Georgia, they are both traditionally Republican party strongholds but now the Democratic party are making inroads turning the two states into a political war zone.

Bilkisu Labaran meets some undecided voters in Atlanta, Georgia.

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While in Charlotte, North Carolina Joseph Warungu talks to members of the Eritrean community about how the battle is being fought.

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The crisis in the mortgage market has left many Americans homeless or struggling with their home loans.

Among them is Jibraim Audu, a Cameroonian who prides himself on having achieved the American dream. Joseph Warungu first asks him to describe his American success.

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Democrat and republican campaign badges

Bilkisu Labaran visits a New York money transfer office to find out whether African residents in the US have been affected by the global credit crisis.

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11 days to go

Bilkisu Labaran starts her reporting trip in New York where she is deluged by hi-tech campaigning on the streets and in the media.

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