September 08 news timeline

September 08 news timeline

Angolans head to the polls for the first time in 16 years; South Africa's governing ANC give President Mbeki his marching orders; and Somali pirates seize a Ukrainian ship with a cargo of arms.

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30th September

A Ugandan minister wants relief organisations to withhold food aid from the rebel LRA.

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The US congress reject the $700 billion dollar financial rescue plan - should Africa be worried?

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The Premier of South Africa's richest province quits out of loyalty to the former president.

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Three Somali's on a hijacked Ukranian ship are reported to have died in a shootout.

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29th September

The foreign tourists and Egyptian guides kidnapped ten days ago have been freed.

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Amnesty report says child soldiers are being recaptured and forced to fight in DR Congo.

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Pirates demand $20 million for a ship-load of weapons hijacked off the Somali coast.

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28th September

The leader of a self-defence militia in Mali is arrested in neighbouring Niger.

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26th September

Another ship is hijacked off the Somali coast - this time one carrying miltary tanks.

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Two men of Somali origin arrested at a German airport in connection with terrorism.

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New proposals from the United Nations to get the Chad peace talks back on track.

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Pledges by world leaders of over three billion dollars for a new Global Malaria Action plan.

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25th September

South Africans get a new President as Kgalema Motlanthe is sworn in to office.

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Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe says he sees no reason why he can't work with the opposition.

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South Africa's new president - Kalema Motlanthe if all goes to plan - will be sworn in.

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24th September

British government announces USD 50 million aid to Ethiopia for humanitarian relief.

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Hundreds flee continued fighting in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

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Ten years on, the African Court on Human and People's Rights has not heard any cases.

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AU troops in Somalia come under sustained and heavy attack. Are they the answer?

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23rd September

Transparency International says corruption costs Africa half the global aid budget.

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Political drama in South Africa as cabinet members and other ministers resign.

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South African President Mbeki's brother reacts to his announced departure from office.

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Hands off the Sudanese president Omar el-Bashir - Africa tells the United Nations.

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22nd September

Foreign tourists kidnapped in Egypt. The authorities blame ransom seekers.

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Opposition leader Helen Zille of the Democratic Alliance party reacts to Mbeki's resignation.

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The political fallout in South Africa following President Mbeki's resignation.

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21st September

Twelve abducted Mauritanian soldiers are slain and their bodies dumped in the desert.

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It's curtains for South Africa's president Thabo Mbeki as his party shows him the door.

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20th September

Swaziland awaits the outcome of yesterday's parliamentary elections.

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An uncertain future for South Africa's President Mbeki as his party deliberates his future.

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19th September

New parliamentarians are being elected in Swaziland although not everyone is voting.

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South Africa's president condemns critics in his own party calling for his removal.

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Voters in Swaziland go to a controversial poll today to elect a new parliament.

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Ceasefire signing between some of Somalia's warring parties on the cards in Djibouti.

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18th September

Pro-democracy demonstrations rock Swaziland on the eve of parliamentary elections.

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No cabinet yet in Zimbabwe as power sharing talks stall over allocating ministeries.

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Pro-democracy groups blockade Swaziland's borders on the eve of parliamentary elections.

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As Zimbabwe's leaders prepare to choose a cabinet, President Mugabe shares his regrets.

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17th September

South African prosecutors to appeal high court ruling to dismiss charges against Zuma.

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It's impossible to know who won Kenya's last elections, says an independent commission.

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New Niger Delta Commission Chairman speaks about the area's latest violence.

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Opposing sides meet in Djibouti to hammer out final details of a ceasefire in Somalia.

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16th September

Zimbabwe's PM calls for forward thinking in his first BBC interview after the peace deal.

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South Africa's president called to resign by the opposition and the ANC youth league.

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In Somalia, Al Shabaab threatens to halt Mogadishu's international airport operations.

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The political deal may be signed but are Zimbabweans in exile ready to return home?

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15th September

The leaders of Zimbabwe's three main parties announce a power-sharing agreement.

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Should those who fled Zimbabwe go home? Exiles in Botswana speak out.

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Rwandans go to the polls this morning to begin voting in parliamentary elections.

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Zimbabwe's political rivals are set to sign a historic power-sharing deal.

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14th September

On the eve of parliamentary elections in Rwanda, is the country ready?

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Last minute activities in Zimbabwe ahead of announcement on power-sharing.

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13th September

Nine Senegalese officials indicted in France over the 2002 Joola ferry disaster.

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Complaints over campaigning from opposing political parties as Rwandans get ready to vote.

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12th September

ANC leader Jacob Zuma will not face corruption or fraud charges in South Africa.

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Internally displaced people in Kenya face forcefull eviction from a camp in Eldoret.

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Rape survivors in the DRC recount their ordeals in a new campaign against the vice.

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11th September

Can the peacekeeping force really sort out Darfur's problems? We ask the force commander.

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Thousands of internally displaced Kenyans told to leave camp by tomorrow morning.

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The ruling MPLA party reflects on a resounding win.

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10th September

Urgent security needed for thousands of civilians in Chad, says aid agency Oxfam.

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DRC's army accused of exploiting the country's mineral wealth and colluding with rebels.

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An outbreak of the deadly bird flu is confirmed outside the Togolese capital, Lome.

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We learn about the world's largest science experiment and it's impact on Africa.

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9th September

Kenyan authorities step up their fight against a dreaded goat and sheep plague.

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Calls for investigation around presumed mass grave found on the Namibia/Angola border.

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Angolan opposition UNITA party concedes defeat in last Friday's parliamentary vote.

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No deal in sight yet, as rival political parties in Zimbabwe resume mediation talks.

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8th September

South Africa's ANC leader appears on the internet social networking site Facebook.

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Angola's ruling MPLA dismisses allegations of election irregularities.

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South Africa's president attempts a last ditch effort to strike a deal in Zimbabwe.

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Angolans are now waiting for confirmation of what looks like a landslide victory for the ruling MPLA.

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7th September

Ordinary Moroccans are suspicious as they play host to the US Secretary of State.

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Early provisional results give Angola's governing party a strong election lead.

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6th September

Angola's historic parliamentary elections spill over to a second day after a chaotic start.

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Libya and the US cement their new-found friendship with a high-level US official visit.

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5th September

Landmark voting gets underway in Angola.

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Hopes for equality in their own country by returning black Mauritanians.

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Zambia's ruling party picks its candidate for the forthcoming presidential elections.

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4th September

Ministers and UN disarmament meet to discuss ways of stopping the flow of small arms.

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Ethiopians celebrate the unveiling of an ancient monument.

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How ready is Angola for landmark elections?

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3rd September

Zambians say farewell to President Levy Mwanawasa who was buried in Lusaka today.

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African leaders pay their last respects to the late Zambian president Levy Mwanawasa.

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Pirates strike again off the Somali coast, capturing a vessel carrying French tourists.

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Electoral violence rears its ugly head in the north of Ghana.

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2nd September

A conference in Accra, Ghana explores the effectiveness of international aid.

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An aircraft with aid workers crashes into the mountains in the DRCongo with no survivors.

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A Sudanese editor dismisses government orders to suspend his newspaper.

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An Egyptian MP has been stripped of his immunity and charged with the murder of a Lebanese singer.

1st September

The UN head of humanitarian affairs issues a bleak warning on the situation Ethiopia.

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Why are Kenyan torture victims not happy with the compensation they've been given.

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Bush fires and bad weather leave a trail of destruction in South Africa.

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