Africa select August 08

Africa select August 08

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Friday 29th August

A young male Sierra Leonean hairdresser is causing quite a stir in the Guinean capital Conakry. Alhassan Sillah went along to Sahr Komba's salon to see the man at work.

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Thursday 28th August

In Namibia, tourism has over the past 18 years become one of the pillars of the economy along with mining, fishing and agriculture. Tourists from all over the world visit Namibia because of its wide open arid plains and its abudnance of wildlife. Increasingly the country is also gaining popularity as a destination for amateur astronomers, who come in search of planets and constellations they have never seen before. Frauke Jensen visited Tivoli, one of the first so-called astro farms on the edge of the Kalahari desert to find out what is bringing more and more tourists to the area.

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Wednesday 27th August

For the past fortnight Liberians have listened to harrowing testimonies by several people who were principle actors in the country's political and civil upheaval spanning three decades. The hearings are being conducted under the Truth and Reconciliation commission that was set up to discover the root causes of conflict in the country. But the hearings have left many wondering whether there can be catharsis for the country and whether reconciliation can be achieved? Ledgerhood Rennie was at the start of this week's hearings that saw the country's most feared former rebel soldier now Senator Prince Johnson testify.

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Tuesday 26th August

Zambia's main opposition leader and the widow of the country's late president have clashed over the viewing of Mr Mwanawasa's body. Maureen Mwanawasa asked Michael Sata, leader of the Patriotic Front party, to leave the venue in Chipata, in the Eastern province, where Mr Sata had gone to pay his condolences to the family. He and the late president were bitter political rivals until earlier this year when they were reconciled. Mr Sata spoke to Uduak Amimo about what happened.

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Thursday 21st August

The Spay Sisters are four women touring the world sterilising dogs. Over the last three weeks they have been in Sao Tome where they have spayed over 200 dogs. To find out what they are trying to accomplish, Maimouna Jallow caught up with them busy at work.

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Wednesday 20th August

Sierra Leone's education minister, Minkula Bah has been left dumfounded after a tour to verify teacher numbers in the country uncovered widespread fraud. His ministry has been losing hundreds of thousands of dollars through salary payments tonon-existent teachers and subsidies to ghost schools. He met our correspondent in Freetown, Lansana Fofana, and told him what he'd found out.

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Tuesday 19th August

A recent study by the Egyptian centre for women's rights shows that 90% of women in Egypt say they have been exposed to sexual harassment. The media there has labelled this shocking phenomenon, Egypt's social cancer. A seminar is to be held in Cairo today to discuss the findings of Cairo University Faculty of Economics' related research on the economic losses resulting from sexual harassment - especially in the tourism sector. Ranyah Sabry reports.

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Monday 18th August

One of the countries that has been a key exit point for many would-be immigrants trying to migrate to Europe, is Libya. However, pressure has been mounting on the Libyan authorities to control the flow of people in and out of the contry and the situation is starting to change. Working with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Libya has now established the first migration centre to help those who'd like to go back home. Rana Jawad recently visited the new centre to find out why migrants are choosing to go back home.

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Thursday 14th August

In Madagascar an intriguing ceremony called "turning of the bones", or femadiana is carried out to honour the dead.

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Wednesday 13th August

Voter registration has closed in Ghana ahead of elections in December but there's been unhappiness about the way things have been handled. Thousands of potential voters have lost out on the chance to register to qualify for the poll. Stephen Antwi from Joy FM in Ghana has been monitoring registration centres around Accra.

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Tuesday 12th August

A quick catch up with the intrigue surrounding the cocaine trial in Sierra Leone. A plane landed out of the blue with a cargo of cocaine; the people who'd been on it fled and President Ernest Bai Koroma had to intervene to secure the contents. Nineteen people were subsequently arrested and put on trial. Now the lawyers representing them claim they have been harassed and their work has been hampered as a result. Lansana Fofana has the story.

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Thursday 7th August

Landlocked countries like Mali face a constant problem of how to get goods in and out of the country cheaply. Poor transport links make the journey to even the nearest port - Conakry, almost 1000 kilometres away, difficult. But things are looking up for Mali with the beginnings of a scramble for its import and export trade. Dakar port has just opened a new office in Bamako to bid for its trade. Celeste Hicks reports.

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Tuesday 5th August

Musicians in southern Sudan are trying to encourage peace and development through their music and lyrics. Peter Martell has been listening to what's on offer in the southern Sudanese capital, Juba.

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Monday 4th August

Locals in Sierra Leone have been searching rubbish dumps looking for scrap metal which can fetch a high price, as a source of income. Lansana Fofana went to a dump in Bomeh, near the capital Freetown, to meet some of the people foraging through the dump.

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Friday 1st August

Talk of traffic chaos in Africa and few cities can rival Cairo in Egypt as one of the most notorious. About 6,000 people are said to die every year from traffic accidents there. But this morning a new law meant to streamline the traffic situation is coming into effect but as Our reporter in Cairo Ranyah Sabri reports, not all are happy with the new law.

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