August 08 news timeline

August 08 news timeline

A military coup deposes the elected leader of Mauritania, Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa dies in hospital in Paris and the wrangle for power continues in Zimbabwe.

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30th August

Ivory Coast's ruling party is to chose its presidential candidate for the next election.

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The efforts to unite people who've lost contact as a result of the war in Somalia.

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29th August

Zambia prepares to bid farewell to the late president Levy Mwanawasa.

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Zimbabwe lift the ban on NGO activity whilst mediation talks resume in South Africa.

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Libya's Colonel Gaddafi takes his campaign for a United States of Africa to traditional leaders.

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Fighting in eastern DR Congo between government troops and Laurent Nkunda's forces.

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28th August

Civilians forced to flee as heavy fighting breaks out in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Somalia's president rebukes MPs for heckling him and the Prime Minister in parliament.

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An African Green Revolution: is it the solution to the continent's food crisis?

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Barack Obama becomes the first African-American to be nominated by a major US party.

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27th August

The hijackers of a plane from Sudan's Darfur region have surrendered in Libya.

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Sudan's President Bashir is reminded of the need for peace on a rare visit to Juba.

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South Africa's controversial land expropriation bill is shelved for the time being.

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A hijacked Sudanese plane winds up in Libya Is the rebel SLM faction behind this?

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26th August

Opposition heckling disrupts the opening of Zimbabwe's parliament.

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The Alexandria International Film Festival opens in the Egyptian coastal resort today.

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Zimbabwe's president will officially recognise the MDC's Lovemore Moyo as speaker of parliament.

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25th August

Zimbabwe has a new speaker of parliament for the first time from the opposition.

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Trouble in the biggest internally displaced people's camp in Sudan's Darfur region.

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Candidates for Rwanda's parliamentary elections begin their campaigns.

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Crunch time for Zimbabwe? Members of parliament are due to be sworn in this morning.

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24th August

The UN security council will meet to discuss the problem of increasing violence in Somalia.

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Civil society activists in Sierra Leone slam a bill tabled to increase the president's salary.

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23rd August

Thousands will line the streets today in Zambia to receive the remains of President Mwanawasa.

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New home owners encouraged by Kenya's economy have been fuelling a construction boom.

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22nd August

An Islamist militant group claims responsibility for two recent bomb attacks in Algeria.

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Insurgents in Somalia have apparently taken control of the key southern port of Kismayu.

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Security officers in Kenya unearth a major smuggling racket of snakes, frogs and spiders.

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Calm in the Somali port of Kismayo after days of fighting, we have an eye witness account.

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21st August

In Swaziland women protest as nine royal wives charter a plane to go shopping abroad.

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Fighting flares once more in Somalia, why is the port town of Kismayo now being targeted?

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Protesters gather outside the parliament in Mauritania to 'defend democracy'.

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In with the new so out with the old. Nigeria's president sends his military chiefs packing.

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20th August

A fire disaster has broken out in a prison holding thousands of inmates in Cameroon.

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Two bomb attacks in Algeria have killed more than 10 people and injured many more.

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World leaders hail the late Zambian president, Levy Mwanawasa, as Zambians mourn their leader.

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Former Kenyan anti-corruption advisor John Githongo returns home after three years of exile.

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19th August

Zambia begins a week of mourning as President Mwanawasa dies in hospital.

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Kenya's Nairobi residents face water rationing to ensure reserves aren't depleted.

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18th August

The Kenyan prime minister has called for men to be circumcised to help curb the spread of HIV.

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Joachim Chissano says that the LRA has asked for the re-start of peace talks in Uganda.

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Efforts to secure a political deal in Zimbabwe resume after a weekend of deadlock.

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17th August

Burundi launches its first census in 20 years to help provide services and develop the country.

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The SADC summit enters its last day, but is a power-sharing deal for Zimbabwe imminent?

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16th August

In Zimbabwe expectations are high as South Africa is to host the SADC summit.

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SADC heads of state meet in South Africa with Zimbabwe on top of the agenda.

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15th August

Botswana will boycott a regional meeting in protest against Robert Muagbe's attendence.

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Ivorian ministers face unprecedented questioning over corruption in the cocoa industry.

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South African authorities due to close camps for migrants who fled xenophobic violence.

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14th August

Zimbabwe's opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai speaks for the first time since power sharing talks were adjourned.

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Cameroon grew today when Nigeria formally gave it full control of the Bakassi region.

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Plans to create an internet search engine in Uganda's local Luganda language.

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Nigeria prepares to hand over the potentially oil-rich Bakassi peninsular to Cameroon.

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13th August

Sudanese Darfuri rebels say the army has launched a major operation against them.

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A ceremony in Bujumbura marks four years since the massacre of 160 refugees.

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Thabo Mbeki heads to Angola, still hoping for a deal in Zimbabwe's power-sharing talks.

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The shine wears off East African telecoms giant Safaricom's massive share offer.

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Zimbabwe's leaders discontinue talks for now: is it a break - or a breakdown?

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12th August

Zimbabwe's trade unions disapprove of the ongoing political power sharing talks.

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Somalia's president dispels rumours of a personality clash between him and his PM.

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Mauritania's military council frees four officials including the PM, say coup leaders.

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It's day three of talks between the main players in Zimbabwe's political negotiations.

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11th August

Kenya's president orders 24 hour deliveries at the Mombasa port to ease congestion.

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President Mugabe leads Zimbabwe's remembrance of its liberation war fighters and victims.

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When is a coup not a coup? The general who seized power in Mauritania last week explains.

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Zimbabweans who fled the turmoil speak of their hopes and fears as talks continue.

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10th August

More than 30 people have died at an illegal gold mine in Boussoukoula, Burkina Faso.

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Why is the Angolan government restricting the movement of diplomats ahead of their polls?

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9th August

Is a power sharing deal close as South African President Mbeki holds talks in Zimbabwe?

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8th August

News of an agreement in Sudan over the disputed oil-rich region of Abyei.

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James Copnell examines the ramifications of the latest change of power in Mauritania.

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A human rights group launches an investigation into alleged mass rape in Zimbabwe.

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7th August

The daughter of ousted Mauritanian President Abdallahi talks to Uduak Amimo.

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Analysis of why coup d'etats are so commonplace in the poor desert nation of Mauritania?

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Remembering the bomb blasts from 10 years ago today which rocked Kenya and Tanzania.

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6th August

In South Africa a general strike has paralysed public services. We hear from Cape Town.

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In Mauritania the military stages a coup, reports say that the president is under arrest.

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Sudan appoints a chief prosecutor to investigate crimes committed in the Darfur region.

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South African trade unions step up their fight against the rising cost of living.

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5th August

Political parties in Angola begin their campaigns ahead of September's elections.

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The Rwandan government release evidence implicating France in the 1994 genocide.

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What's behind the fall, rise and second fall of Guinean politician Mamady Sam Soumah?

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Angolan President Dos Santos addresses the nation as election campaigning kicks off.

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4th August

South Africa's ruling party leader asks a court to drop corruption charges against him.

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How satisfied are Africa's Anglican Bishops at the end of the Lambeth Conference?

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Jacob Zuma is due in court today: the ANC says their leader is being hounded by the law.

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The once-a-decade Anglican Lambeth conference ends today. So what has been achieved?

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3rd August

The AU Commission chairman goes to Sudan for talks with President Omar al-Bashir.

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2nd August

Sierra Leone introduces tough new legislation to tackle drugs trafficking.

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1st August

Concerns are being raised that the peace agreement in eastern DR Congo is under threat.

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The AU loses another Ugandan peacekeeper, killed in Somalia. Elizabeth Blunt reports.

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Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai seeks support of more African leaders.

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The UN security council extends the UN-AU mission mandate in Darfur for one year.

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