Drought and violence in Karamoja

Drought and violence in Karamoja

Page last updated: 3 June, 2008

Our reporter in Uganda, Sarah Grainger takes an in depth look at life in Uganda's notoriously insecure Karamajo region.

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Karamajong warriors with weopans, Uganda


The Karamoja region in the north east of Uganda is the home to the pastoralist Karamajong who survive by herding cows, goats and sheep.

It is well known as an area where cattle rustling thrives, but the area is also suffering its worst drought in five years which has led to food shortages.

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Due to cattle-rustling small arms proliferate making the area extremely insecure. The government has been working on curbing insecurity in the region.

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The IK ethnic group

Amongst the many ethnic groups who live in the Karamoja region, the IK are the most marginalised and face many long term challenges.

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