Fossil fuel facts

Fossil fuel facts

*Fossil fuels include coal, oil and natural gas.

*They are the remains of forests from millions of years ago, and when burned, all the carbon that these forests absorbed is released back into the air.

*90% of the continent's electricity supply comes from the burning of coal, oil or gas.

*Africa produces about 5% of the world's coal - almost all of it in South Africa.

*Coal currently provides most of the electricity, but by 2030 gas is set to become more significant.

*Africa's proven gas reserves make up 8% of the world total; more than two thirds of this gas is in Nigeria and Algeria.

*About 12% of the world's oil is drilled in Africa, but less than a third of that is refined in Africa.

*Most of Africa's oil is in just four countries: Nigeria, Libya, Angola and Algeria.

* Based on current levels of consumption, the world's currently known oil reserves will be used up within 40 years.

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