Resident Presidents

Resident Presidents

The Resident Presidents

Presidents Olushambles and Kibarkingmad's weekly conversations can be heard on BBC Network Africa on Saturdays from 0400 GMT.

December 2008

It's time to bid farewell to 2008. (27/12/00)

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The presidents are feeling festive and exchanging gifts. (20/12/08)

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Our leaders consider the best way to die. (13/12/08)

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Ways to make a fortune in the DR Congo get the presidents thinking (6/12/08)

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November 2008

The sobering topic of troubled Somalia is tackled by the presidents this week. (22/11/08)

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One of our Resident Presidents remains unimpressed by the election of Barack Obama as US President. (15/11/08)

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Kibarkingmad is keen to encourage young people to sign up at the EU job centre the Mali capital, Bamako. (08/11/08)

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The boys are bored this week and so there's talk of retraining for a more glamorous, eye-catching career. (01/11/08)

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October 2008

Do the resident presidents have a true grasp of the global credit crunch? (25/10/08)

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Olushambles and Kibarkingmad are assessing potential winners of Africa's Mo Ibrahim Prize for good governance. (18/10/08)

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Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has oil and needs friends, argues Kibarkingmad. (11/10/08)

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It's matters matrimonial concerning the big men this week. (04/10/08)

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