Resident Presidents Jul - Sep 08

Resident Presidents Jul - Sep 08

The Resident Presidents

Presidents Olushambles and Kibarkingmad's weekly conversations can be heard on BBC Network Africa on Saturdays from 0400 GMT.

September 2008

This week the resident presidents are considering the candidates for the US presidency and their respective running mates. (27/09/08)

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Our resident presidents have plenty to say about developments in Zimbabwe. (20/09/08)

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Conversation today turns to the subject of dog meat as a delicacy. (13/09/08)

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The presidents ponder the threat by Botswana's government to increase the price of alcohol in an attempt to curb irresponsible drinking. (06/09/08)

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An impending trip to France is causing Kibakingmad some anxiety.

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August 2008

The recent coup in Mauritania has got our resident presidents talking. (23/08/08)

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Can having nuclear capability raise the profile of our presidents? (16/08/08)

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The presidents discuss the issue of male cirumcision. (09/08/08)

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As the controversial Anglican Lambeth conference comes to an end, Olushambles and Kibarkingmad have been dreaming about members of the Anglican communion. (02/08/08)

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July 2008

The presidents are feeling a little left out because the ICC is paying more attention to President Bashir of Sudan than them. (26/07/08)

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It's off to Mars as the presidents contemplate space travelling. (19/07/08)

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Nelson Mandela reaches his 90th birthday. (12/07/08)

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The Presidents share their views on mercenaries. (05/07/08)

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