Nuclear power facts

Nuclear power facts

Interior view of a heat shield of a Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plant (GCEP), used to provide fuel-grade enriched Uranium for nuclear power stations.

*South Africa is currently the only country on the continent that has nuclear reactors producing electricity for commercial purposes.

*South Africa's nuclear reactors generate enough electricity to satisfy the needs of about two million people.

*Egypt has plans to build a nuclear plant and Namibia, Niger and Nigeria, among other countries, are considering nuclear power.

*16% of the world's electricity is produced by nuclear power plants but just 2% of Africa's electricity comes from nuclear power.

*Africa has large uranium reserves - the element needed to generate nuclear power - Niger, Namibia and South Africa are currently the biggest sources of uranium on the continent.

*Nuclear is considered a much cleaner source of energy than fossil fuels but questions over safety and disposal have led environmentalists to challenge its use.

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