Solar energy facts

Solar energy facts

solar panels

*On a sunny day at noon, each square metre of the earth's surface receives around 1 kilowatt of solar power.

*It is said that enough solar energy falls on the earth every second to provide all the world's energy needs for a year - the problem has been how to harness it.

*Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight directly into electricity that can be used in the home, but the panels are expensive to install.

*The initial outlay for a 1kilowatt system, which would give you enough electricity for 20 light bulbs, a fridge, a computer, 20" tv, cd player, mobile phone charger and fan, would be about $8,000.

*For generating large amounts of energy, that can feed into a grid, scientists are now looking at the potential of what's called Concentrating Solar Power.

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